Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happiness = holiday decor

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a 25 ft Christmas Tree in the entrance of a hospital.

It also really helps with my latest predicament of never knowing
 what month (or season) it is.
(Living in the desert + no more school schedule = mass confusion.)

I'm in trouble come January.

And not quite as magnificent, but still I'm very proud... Our Christmas tree :-) 

...that these hooligans helped us put up after a long night of Black Friday shopping. 
(our first ever)
(went to Bath and Body Works at 2 am)

Thanks (tall) guys!

Happy Holidays! 


Jen said...

You and Nate look so cute in your nurse/doctor outfits!

John Styles said...

Hey if you keep it up your blog will be updated as frequently as mine..... :)

John Styles said...

That was obviously from me (Carrie) and definitely not john.

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